Now let mobile players queue versus PC players. Fuck platform segregation, gaming isn't meant to be fun for bads :p
Played my first round of PUBG Mobile a moment ago. It's surprisingly good. Runs smooth as silk on my OnePlus 5, inventory management is actually remarkably easy and it plays well. 9 Kills, top 4. Crap final circle screwed me. ;P
Oh I see you were trying to insinuate that aforementioned giant hairy donkey balls were in fact YOUR balls. Yes well done. Very good. Took great wit. Point killa. Am I overdoing this sarcasm thing? :p
Really, it is a vast experience of attempted (and successful) autoerotica that provides my current insight.
I should have known your vast practical experience in the field of ball sucking would've left me at a disadvantage.
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Killashnikov Lords above, has it been that long already?
mew look at all those brawling scrubs :p
Matux That sexy voice over.
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SUN SPIDER MECH CHALLENGE Sun Spider Mech Challenge. This event is for those who own a Sun Spider Mech pack and/or add-ons. We have 2 Bonus Challenges for players who earned the Holiday Bonus Mechs!...
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Greetings MechWarriors, The Oceanic Server currently located in Singapore will be moved to Sydney after this patch, on March 20th at 10AM PST. This server location change to Sydney will be a live production...
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  Hi everyone,   As you may be aware, we have not opened up applications to PUBG Partnership in quite some time.  We’ve recognized that there are player populations that may not necessarily quality for partnership, but are ab...
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Disclaimer: I'm leaving this thread unlocked because reasons.   Greetings PUBG fam,   I was hoping you would give me a moment of your time so that I could introduce myself, talk about why I’m here and what I’ve joined the...
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Hello players!   We know the last week has been rough. We had problems over the weekend, and our login servers were down today. We’re trying to move faster to solve important problems that negatively impact your experience, but some...
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Production Illustrator Jim Martin (Star Trek, Starship Troopers, Matrix & Alien film series and more) stops by to chat his work for Star Citizen. To watch Reverse the Verse LIVE each and every week, tune into
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Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Top o’ the Mornin’ It’s that time of year again, time to celebrate Ireland’s foremost patron Saint, adorn ourselves in green regalia, and drink copious amounts of frothy, fermented...
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