One of the funniest things I've heard in the last ten years was when we were all asking that cam girl about the LRM 20 nerfs and what she thought... The look on her face... priceless.
For no skill people like you.... Yes
Hi baby, i've come here to ask you whether LRMs are still valid in the current meta.
No problem - was just waiting for my pay to come through.
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Welcome to OMC

live1991 ao posted Nov 18, 15


Greetings Mechwarriors!

The time has come...
MechWarrior Online has launched on Steam!!!

Happy 4th Birthday OMC

live1991 ao posted Dec 5, 16

Killashnikov Lords above, has it been that long already?
mew look at all those brawling scrubs :p
Matux That sexy voice over.
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Greetings MechWarriors, **UPDATE** The October 17 patch was originally scheduled to release at 2PM Pacific to ensure some final-hour changes were properly implemented and tested, but during the subsequent...
Published Oct 17, 2017
Greetings MechWarriors,      The Battle for Luthien has come to an end, yet no side can claim a true victory. While the forces of House Kurita and the Inner Sphere were able to prevent the fall...
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Tuesday, October 17th, 2017 @ 2PM – 4PM PDT Patch Number: 1.4.132 Standalone Client Patch Size: TBA Steam Client Patch Size: TBA Please note that due to compression differences the Steam...
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Players, We only have 11 weeks until the end of 2017 and we know you have many questions about our development roadmap. To make sure we deliver PC 1.0 version and Xbox Game Preview by the end of this year, our development team is hard a...
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Players, We would like to start off with an apology to all users who have been waiting for the leaderboard reset. We were planning on starting a new season on October 11th at 11AM KST / 4AM CEST / October 10th at 7PM PDT as mentioned i...
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Applications are now closed.  Thank you to everyone who applied!   We’re happy to announce that we’re once again opening applications for PUBG Partnerships! Applications are open from October 5 – October 12  The applicati...
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Welcome to Citizens of the Stars, our new weekly program exclusively about you, the Star Citizen Community. Whether through bug reports on the issue council, feedback on the forums, or the creation of content inspired by the game, Star C...
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October 2947 Subscriber Flair Greetings Subscribers! This month’s subscriber flair is part of our newest “Masters of Design” series of ship schematics. Before Esperia produced working recreations of historic and alien ships,...
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Chris Roberts and Sandi Gardiner host an episode that dives into the enhancements coming to cockpits. Plus, catch the first “Burndown” since the Evocati got their hands on 3.0. And for info on becoming a subscriber, go to: https://rober...
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Perth datacenter upgrades are taking place to ensure reliability and performance.When:17/10/17 @ 4:30AM - 8:00AMIPs Affected45.121.208.0/24What is happening- Performing major hardware upgrades to Perth- Installing a new redundant Juniper...
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