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Oceanic Merc Corp  -  21+ Australia-based Gaming Community
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Q: By what benchmark do you consider yourselves the most competitive in the Australia region?

A: Simple answer to that, we're basically the only merc corp in the Australia/Asia timezone which is able to field a competent 12 man team on a regular basis for skirmishes and duels.

Q: When were we founded?

A: Our core has been around since closed beta in July 2012. We stopped recruiting to reorganise the corp to ensure members got the most out of their experience.

Honest Numbers:

Registered Members ~175
Active Members ~100 (Active being defined as being on TS/Ingame at least once a week)
Rough numbers online daily at peak AEST, 6pm - 10pm, ~20.

We have 4 Active companies, as defined above, that run regular training sessions, mainly on Mondays and Thursdays.

Other Gaming:

We also play several other games outside of MWO, including, but not limited to:

Payday 2
Dungeons and Dragons Online
World of Tanks
Battlefield 4
The Red Solstice
Minecraft! (We have a guild server Posted Image)

Any other questions, feel free to enquire here, or drop by our website!

We're also on Facebook for those of you with that:

Lastly, our TS @ is open to public, so drop by and play a few rounds!

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Casual Social 18+ Only Hardcore voice TS3
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