We got 70 days paid up, Looking into it now :p
OK for real it's almost been a month, can we assume the original question has been answered?
So it's been 2 weeks since anyone used the shoutbox and 1 since anyone replied to a thread...kind of answers our question about needing a more-than-basic forum.
patched MWO, WTF are bolt ons? I know the connection between the game and the books was loose but really ? I see LRMs and ECM are getting their 1,000,000 tweak too. Now I know why I don't usually worry about patching it much........
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Greetings Mechwarriors!

The time has come...
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Happy 4th Birthday OMC

live1991 ao posted Dec 5, 16

Killashnikov Lords above, has it been that long already?
mew look at all those brawling scrubs :p
Matux That sexy voice over.
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