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Looking to get Mech(s) for my Son's Birthday

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So, my son has become a fan of MWO through watching me play over the last 2 years and has a birthday coming up. He actually said to me that he wants 10 Mechbays, but I'd rather get him some decent mechs to play with.

I've been personally enjoying the Timber Wolf and was wondering what's the equivalent IS mech or any other recommendations that you guys have?

He currently has a Banshee (loot drop win), a couple of Phoenix Hawks (he liked the look of them), Locust 3M and the Centurion (NCIX giveaway).

Anyway, appreciate any input.
Posted May 12, 17 · OP
Disclaimer: It's MWO. So if it is good now, it'll probably change soon.

With that in mind, it depends on his play style. I'd tend to stay away from slow mechs (<80kms) or the physically large assaults and heavies (EXE :cry: ) because unless you have surprise or very good positioning on all maps, you'll get focussed by a team. It's easier to make a mistake in a fast Med or Hvy if you can reposition, or even hide behind the big friendly PUG targets.

I'm heavily Clan biased because I grew up on MW2, so my PUG favs:
Shadow Cat; I love it because 2xPPC (or 3xLlas) and ECM. Shoot then quickly reposition. Gets hot quick tho.
Mad Dog; But only if he likes missiles. Energy and Ballistic options are shit. My fav is MadDog with 2xLRM20 + NARC, or the 6xSRM6 (hilarious flanking fun, but often focused if seen and out of range :/ )
Warhawk: Prime with 4xPPCs + a million DHS is okay. The WHK-B with 5xLlas and 3xSMR6 is better, but harder.

Hunchback IIC are supposed to be good (meta too, i think, unless it changed recently?).
Some of the guys have had fun with the Marauder IICs. Not sure which one? PPGG seems to be the go tho. I went the PGG+ECM one because enemy PUGs don't know how to target something not in a red square.
The Jager (or Cataphract 4X) with 4xAC/2 for pewpewpew has novelty too. Gotta setup the macro for Enemy Tears of Fear +2.
Jenner IIC with missiles can be brutal, but ammo is an issue for long games. Not sure on Las variants.
I've also heard things about the Kodiak and Grasshopper. Haven't tried either, but KDKs seem to melt faster now?

Lastly, and purely my opinion, mech bays will give meaning to the game rather than just empty drops. At least he'll have a reason to grind the game by trying to fill up all the empty mech bays.

Good luck and keep me posted on the choices!
Posted May 14, 17