Congrats to Gadget on the birth of his son on Tuesday however if I go silent for a few years it's because they threatened to make me change dirty diapers and Mexico is starting to look like a nice place :p
Just saying this, but I've been to Valours house... He sticks paper towels to absorb his ear sweat because hes ultra weired. sorry this report has been a few years late, Valore, love you ;)
Dance to the time warp again
[link] is finally SSL secured. :p Welcome to 2010 Enjin, you're starting to catch up now..
Who'd have thought fucking Walmart would have the inside scoop on upcoming games but Rage 2 just got announced and Walmart knew first so...well...yeah :S
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Greetings Mechwarriors!

The time has come...
MechWarrior Online has launched on Steam!!!

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Thursday, May 24th 2018 @ 10AM – 1PM PST Patch Number: v1.4.170.0 please note the exe reports that it is version this has no effect and will be fixed with the next patch Portal...
Published May 23, 2018
Hotter than Heck Buy a New Mech! Turn up the AC, Grab a Cool shot, and buy a new Mech. Starts: NOW! Ends: Monday, May 28th 5 PM PST (Tuesday, May 29th 00:00 UTC) Mech Variant ...
Published May 23, 2018
  By now you’ve probably heard about the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 (PGI 2018), a global esports tournament that will pit 20 teams against each other in a contest for $2 million—and the ultimate PUBG bragging rights. You may have ...
Published May 24, 2018
  Hi folks! This week’s event is for only the sneakiest of snakes. It’s a crossbows and melee weapons only, 100-man blowout on Erangel. While you’re looting for quivers and bolts, be sure to keep an eye out for ghillie suits—they’ll...
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Hi everyone, Some of you have noticed that we made some changes to the way sound works in PUBG’s most recent patch. First things first: We should have explained the change in the patch notes. We messed up here, and we hope you’ll accept...
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Jeremiah Lee, Corey Johnson and Gaige Hallman from the Character Art team discuss clothing the characters of Star Citizen. To watch Reverse the Verse LIVE each and every week, tune into
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50 years is a major milestone, traditionally commemorated by making adventurous, brave, and occasionally reckless decisions. Choosing to try new experiences, opening life’s throttle and seeing where it takes us. Some may refer to t...
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Sean Tracy and Steve Bender, together again for the first time, serve up a feature on legacy armor and a new installment of Loremaker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
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Our upstream provider has made us aware of a scheduled maintenance window for Melbourne. Details: During the above times, Network Engineers will be upgrading multiple core routers within our Melbourne datacentres. Customers may experienc...
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Description of Issue:Vocus is advising customers that our Perth to Singapore link is currently offline due to a SMW3 submarine cable fault.Ethernet services and IP Transit services may experience increased latency to Asian destinations a...
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