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MWO - Squad Foxtrot - Competitive Recruiting 

We're looking for skilled competitive pilots. OMC has been present in the competitive Mechwarrior Online scene for the past three years, having entered teams in MRBC, High-Pinger’s League, Last Mech Standing, PacificMWO and Battle for Midway.

OMC has a high emphasis on tactical based warfare. Our main emphasis is on guerrilla hit and run gameplay, however, we are working towards building up a broad range of tactics for our repertoire over time to promote unpredictability. We have a large base of information, guides and videos to help new players assimilate into our squad easily, but we also expect that people will make a conscious effort to improve not just strategically but mechanically if they are attempting to join the competitive squad.

However, we are a collective at heart not a dictatorship, and due to that we take information from a wide variety of sources including intra-group discussions to formulate our lineups and strategies, and are more than willing to listen to different opinions regardless of the source - provided they are backed with proper argumentation and preferably evidence.

If you want to play a game where you need to think about what you are doing, keep a cool head and play with precision and a high level of team-play, OMC is where you want to be.

What we expect of you:

  • Very competitive, play-to-win mindset
  • Excellent team-player
  • High level of activity (in game and website)
  • Computer currently able to run MWO at a high FPS
  • Able to take responsibility and criticism
  • Willingness to improve

What we can offer

  • OMC Website and Team speak
  • Detailed write up of Mech load outs.
  • Detailed write up for all Maps.
  • Detailed write up for all strategy we play.
  • Able to be apart of a competitive team, which will enter local and international events.
  • Group, and one-on-one training

How to Join

Send me a PM, Post up here or come speak to us on Teamspeak (

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