"Every time I'm in a plane I look down and see emptiness, overcrowding is a myth!" - Eddie Bravo. I mean...he's got a point right guys :p
Battlezone 2: Combat Commander remake is 50% off. Details in thread. [link]
"wwgdd"...I hate this community.
The OMC code of conduct should be replaced with just one simple question. What would Grims dad do?
Yeah sweet you should definitely play games with me after that comment. Totally won't be any friendly fire at all.
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Have a read of the patch notes and post up over here 

Faction Play
Clan Invasion - Season 1

This third installment of Faction Play (originally titled Community Warfare) brings with it a huge array of new features. Brand new highlights include the 4v4 Scouting Game Mode, War Planning, Planetary Reinforcements and Advantages, a brand new Career system, Leaderboards, and new ways for Units to generate Coffer Income.

As we introduce this new era of Faction Play, the current Faction Play map and territories will be reset to their default state. The Clan Invasion begins anew.

We would like to take a moment to stress that when it comes to aspects of these new features that involve the economy system in particular, such as the Planet Value system, the values outlined in these Patch Notes are not necessarily locked-in. Certain aspects of these new features can only be thoroughly tested when all of you, MechWarriors throughout the Inner Sphere, take to the battlefields and tip the balance of power. We are extremely excited to see your feedback regarding all of these new features, and we look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield.

These patch notes contain a plethora of details regarding Faction Play, and in some cases the details are not strictly limited to the new Faction Play features including with this patch; the Unit section in particular contains some core information that already applies to the current Unit systems.
While the information outlined here will be useful to any pilot, experienced veterans of Faction Play will likely be most interested in just a few sections covering new or heavily modified features, such as the new Career paths, War Planning, the Scouting Game Mode and Planet Intel system, changes to Unit formation, and the Planet Value system, just to name a few.

Happy Easter

live1991 a posted Mar 25, 16

Happy Easter :)

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CPU Temperature Warning has been identified on - Texas 4 IPs affected: 1: 08/04/2018 - 7:30AM AESTIssue believed to be a malfunction of the cooling loopResulting in temperatures hitting 100C on bootTechn...
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